Our Heroes

Our Heroes

“The Rabi man of Khandoor-Punjab”

CIPT enabled Gurubachan Singh, a farmer age around 50 years from Khandoor to become self-sufficient in paddy through training on rabi crop management. He followed the expert’s advice, maintained a timely regime on fertilizer and pesticide application, grew his own seeds and became self-sufficient in paddy cultivation. This also helped him save INR 2000 on the input cost in the Rabi season, eventually adding to his additional income. According to him, he is satisfied with the informative and productive camps organized by CIPT.


“The Way Forward for Sustainable Agriculture"

Farmer Dev Singh and Johar Singh, both aged 70 years and childhood friends in Khandoor, Punjab, practiced traditional, rain-fed, farming on their farm along with his family. However, with lack of knowledge of modern farming techniques, they struggled with water and fertilizer management. Unable to identify plant diseases, they invested heavily in chemical fertilizers, resulting in crop loss and soil infertility.

They subscribed to advisories from CIPT for guidance to improve their farming practices. Utilizing the camp training, they learnt scientific cultivation methods and latest farming practices like high yield seed selection, seed pre-treatment, sowing, water and fertilizer management, pests and disease control, and harvesting techniques. They also received information on weather forecasts and correct fertilizer regime which helped them in controlling white grub on their crop.

Right information from CIPT, sent at the right time, helped Dev Singh and Johar Singh save on unwarranted costs and double their yield from quintals.

Now, as an able farmer they urge other farmers to follow suit for improved productivity.


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