Bhakna Kalan

Training Camp

Name of the programme– Farmers’ training camp on water saving technologies and methods for long term viability in Agriculture.

Organizer- CIPT-HUF 

Date– 29th may, 2019

Venue– Cooperative Society, Bhakna Kalan

Communicators– Ranjodh Singh (CIPT)

Subordinates– Angrez Singh (CIPT), Subhash Bindra (CIPT)


Ranjodh Singh Project Co-ordinator of CIPT introduced five-year programme in three parts-

  • Water saving technologies for Paddy which include DSR, Short duration varieties, standing water not more than 15 days, Alternate wetting and drying, Soil moisture sensor.
  • Economic upliftment of farmers by introducing market linkages via cooperatives and FPOs from third or fourth year of the programme.
  • Behaviour change through trainings and regular advice by creating awareness among farmers on the dose and time of fertilizer and pesticide application and ways to reduce its use.
  • Briefed on the use of inoculum (Azospirillum bacteria) and its advantage to crop as given below-
  1. Helps in crop growth
  2. Will increase 3-4 % yield
  3. If used regularly will help to reduce demand of urea

Around 40+ farmers attended this Training camp.

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