7 Years of WEALS Program: Key Highlghts 2012 to 2019

By: on March 22, 2017, 6:30 PM IST

Agriculture in India, that accounts for 90% of water use, with rather low water use efficiency, faces unprecedented challenges in achieving water sustainability. It is also the sector with the highest climate vulnerability. Thus, it is a primary target for improved water management & climate change adaptation. Small & marginal farmers, constituting a majority of the rural population (almost half of India‘s population) are highly vulnerable being already at low economic margins.

How can one “correct” the trajectories that have contributed to water & energy unsustainability in well-performing states such as Gujarat and Punjab, & promote climate-informed sustainable development in Jharkhand, while maintaining national food security & equitable economic growth in the face of a highly variable and changing climate is perhaps the most significant challenge facing India today.This was what WEALS attempted to address.

The goal of the program is to ―”Promote climate change adaptation and water sustainability while improving farmer livelihood and food security in 3 key regions in India”

The Program had the following general objectives:

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